Monday, July 20, 2009

Ella's tea party

These are some photos I took earlier this year when we were still in Perth. Ella was missing her daddy because he was away for work, so to cheer her up I decided it was time for a tea party. We invited all of her friends and we had a lovely time. If you are wondering why Ella isn't wearing any clothes, besides the fact that she really doesn't like wearing any clothes, it was particularly hot that day. After we finished the tea party, we had a little cooling off swim in her little pool in the backyard. We did have a lovey time and it helped take her mind off missing her daddy, at least for a little while anyway.

Lissy Li

Is Ella going to be a designer?

This is Ella's design with her toast. She told me it was a choo choo train! I think she is clever.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My creative cousin

My cousin Cindy is a very talented scrapper. She has created this scrapbook page with my daughter as the subject. I love it. It is so beautiful.

I have included a link to her blogspot in case you are interested in visiting it. I recommend popping over to have a look at how clever she is.

Thanks Cindy :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ella's new shoes

We had one of our first's this week. I took Ella shopping for new shoes that she picked out herself. It was so cute. She tried on 2 other pairs before deciding that she liked these ones the best. I was secretly glad as the other 2 pairs were really sparkly and really really inappropriate for running around at daycare. So yes, I did have a big sigh of relief when she chose these little joggers. I might surprise her with the sparkly ones another day as they would match her fairy outfit perfectly.

Well it is time for me to get off the computer and go and cook some scones, biscuits and some Thai fish cakes.

Bye bye