Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

I have decided to play along with the What's Hot + What's  Not game from Loobylu.

What's Hot
1. Craft Fair in Brisbane - I am going on Saturday and I can't wait!
2. Our new camper trailer. Well the camper anyway, the trailer is on order. Take a look here.
3. My daughter. She is the best.
4. My new glasses - should be ready today.

What's Not
1. My work - I am just not feeling the love anymore. All I wan't to do is sew, stitch and blog....dream, dream, dream.
2. Investment property with no tenants. What is our agent doing???
3. Feral neighbours.

That's it from me today. For more What's Hot + What's Not, or to play along, just go to Loobylu. While your there, take a look at her lovely blog.

c u later

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting Organised

I can't believe that Xmas isn't that far away. We I just had to post about my week last week. I can't believe I accomplished this, but I have finished Ella's birthday shopping (she will be 3) and I have mostly finished my Xmas shopping. Just a few bits and pieces to get closer to the day, but they are on my list and I know what I am getting!

I really have to thank Handmade Heaven for enabling me to finish my shopping as I was stumped for what to get for a few people. My father in law is going to love his new heat pad, especially that it is in a masculine grey colour, made by Bubba Chenille. And the ladies are going to love their soaps. I can't remember who made them but they are beautiful and some look like lemon meringue pie! I would post some pics but as I was in a super organised mode, I have already wrapped them!!!

I think I will have to pop back and get some of the play dough with sparkles in it. Ella will love another little pressie for her birthday. :)

Until next time

Saturday, October 17, 2009

On the Shelf

Hi Everyone

I am really slack at keeping my blog up to date and sometimes I just can't think of things to blog about. Anyway, I saw that Pip at meet me a mikes has started a meme game so I thought I would play along.

I really don't have many shelves in my house (or much space for that matter). I have 2 shelves that are mine and they contain some of my crafty supplies. On the top shelf I have some craft mags, 2 stitcheries that I am working on, my threads, 2 mixtapezine mags (just discovered these and I love them) and my project folders. As you can see by my bottom shelf, I am a magazine lover so yes, more craft and decorating type mags.

I have to confess that before I took the pic I did tidy the shelves (they had bits of thread all over them) and dusted which started me on a mad cleaning frenzy that ended up taking in the whole house. So it is now the afternoon and my house is sparkling but I still haven't done any craft. Oh well. I did mention earlier in this post that I didn't have much space, well the reason is in the next pic of my daughters toys. These are just some of her toys as the others are strewn throughout her room. And my next little pic is of Miss Ella fast asleep. She has hurt her toe and wouldn't let me put a bandaid on it and got herself quite worked up (my husband thought she was being murdered she was screaming so much - and that was just when I was unwrapping the bandaid!) so she has just crashed out.

Anyway, that is all from me. To see who else is playing along, or to play along yourself go here.

See ya

Monday, October 05, 2009

Catch up post

Its been a long time between posts. I really do need to get a bit better with keeping my news up to date.

Well since last time, Ella has been sick a couple more times with trips to Dr's becoming a bit to regular for my liking. We are now off to get some blood tests this week. I am going to wait a couple of days as she was a bit traumatised by her visit to the Dr today. For some reason she really, really and I mean REALLY hates the Dr looking down her throat. Last week she bit the Dr's finger.....whoopsie.

We have been on a trip to the beach and had a wonderful day. We built a big sand castle on a sand bank. I was lovely and relaxing. At the moment I am trying to talk Jason into going away to the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend. I am going to keep working on him ....... fingers crossed. I am quietly confident that I will wear him down!

We have been on some really lovely country drives, still getting to know this beautiful area we have moved to.

We have had my parents come to visit. It was really lovely for Ella to spend some time with her Nanny and Poppy. She adores them and they adore her. It was so funny today. I roused on her (can't remember what for right now - nothing major) today for being naughty and she picked up a pretend phone and told me she was ringing Nanny to tell her that I was being naughty to her. I just had to laugh and give her a cuddle. I can't be cranky at this beautiful little girl for much longer than a millisecond. She absolutely brightens my world.

Another thing, my car broke down a few days ago in Brisbane...why couldn't it have waited until I was a bit closer to home. Anyway, Jas and little Ella came and fetched me and my little car had to spend a couple of days in there while I waited for my new RACQ membership to be activated. What a pain in the bum. Then we had to drive back in there on the Saturday (the morning that mum and dad were arriving....agghhhh how stressful) and get it towed for repairs...yep it was dead as a Dodo. At the end of the very drawn out saga my car is now fixed and is back home with me and I am now $570 dollars poorer. Boo hoo, I could have bought a really nice sewing machine for that kind of money.....more boo hoo's.

I am starting to get toooo sleepy now to think of more interesting things we have done in the past month.

Until next time
Lissy Li