Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catch up post - again

Hi everyone

I always seem to be doing catch-up blogs lately. Hopefully one day I will get to be more organised! Anyway here is what has been going on in my little world:

1. My little baby (no mummy, I'm a BIG girl) turned 3. 
2. Visited sea world for Ella's birthday. Fun, hot day. (funny thing, I ran into a friend from school - from 20+ years ago!)
3. Finished my first ever run of stitchery patterns, kits and deluxe kits! - so excited as they will be going into Handmade Heaven this week. Scared as well in case they are a flop!
4. Keeping inside out of the heat.

Here are some pics of Ella rocking out to Sesame Street at Sea World. She had such a blast!

Until next time
see ya

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Creative Space

Hi Everyone

There has been lots of creativeness happening at my place. I have finished a Christmas stitchery for my mother-in-law. I don't think she puts up Christmas decorations anymore (sad) so this might help her get back into the spirit of it all.

I have also been busy designing some stitcheries. I have 5 currently underway with about 20 or more in sketches....whew, that's lots of stitching to be done...lucky I just love it.

I picked up my new sewing machine so am designing a softie family for Ella to play with in her dolls house. I have also designed a little bag for her as well. Now I just have to get used to my new sewing machine and get them made.

I picked up some lovely fabric from spotlight last week. Haven't decided yet what I will do with it, just love looking at it in my stash.

That's all for my creative space this week. For more creativity or to play along please go here.

See ya

PS I will post some pics when I get home.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Creative Space

Well I am having one very busy week so trying to fit in some creativeness has required some creativeness! Unfortunately I don't have a dedicated space, so the dining table it is!

This week I have made a pair of little pants from a Little Bird patten which was a pattern trial for The Haby Goddess. The pattern was super easy for this beginner. To bad something went wrong with the tension on my sewing machine so all the stitching was revolting. I was really impressed with how easy the pattern was and how much I enjoyed doing it. 

This week I received in the mail 300 skeins of Venus threads I ordered. They were only $50 so I thought they were worth a try. I usually start stitching a discover that I don't have exactly the colour I want so then a quick trip to Spotlight and then home again. Those days are now over. YAY.

So in my pictures is my sewing, my threads and my lovely little helper.

For more creative spaces or to play along just pop over to Kirsty's.

See ya next time.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

What's Hot + What's Not

I have decided to play along with the What's Hot + What's  Not game from Loobylu again this week. I thought as I am a slack poster this will help me reach my target of at least one post per week.

What's Hot
1. Unclaimed money. I have found out I am owed about $7500. Woo hoo
2. My pack of 300 skeins of thread I purchased.
3. My daughter. She is the best. (This one is a standard one).
4. My husband being on afternoon shift. He seems to actually do housework when he is on this shift.....I LOVE it!

5. Investment property with tenants (finally).
6. MyFun pass for Movie World, Sea World and Wet and Wild.
7. Happy customers.

What's Not
1. My work - I have to go away for 3 nights - first time away from my little girl. I know she is 3 now but I am not looking forward to it!

2. Dead sewing machine - and it has just bee serviced!

That's it from me today not much of the What's Not  and a lot of the What's Hot, which is good. So for more What's Hot + What's Not, or to play along, just go to Loobylu.