Thursday, May 05, 2011

Giveaway Winners

Gosh, this week has just flown by and I missed the deadline I had set for announcing the winners to my giveaway.

It really wasn't difficult for me to do pick out the winner to this as I had two entries and two prizes. No random number generator

So congratulations to Bronwyn aka Mad Crafty Mama and Melissa aka Sew Mummy, your fabrics will be posted this afternoon. Thanks for entering ladies :)

Happy creating

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Creative Space

Thank goodness I can post this early this week. This morning I am off to work early to hang out with an auditor (joy oh joy)  and tomorrow afternoon I am hanging out with our programmers.  I can feel a very early night coming on tomorrow night.

Now, onto a lighter and much much nicer note. I have been teaching myself to crochet this week. I have been popping over to Pip's blog and watching her videos on granny squares. Pip is a really good teacher. My mum used to sit with me and try to show me but it never really sunk in, until now. I have made some progress but it is a bit wonky. Experts, please look away!

I started doing this blue one and then my daughter decided she wanted one. So yesterday it was off to Spotty we trotted to pick out, yes you guessed it, bright pink for her blanket. I talked her into a bit of white as well.

With my track record, or should I say, project short attention span, I may get this one finished for next winter!

Have you ever seen this, bamboo wool. Well, seeing as I don't usually purchase wool it has probably been around for ages. It felt so beautiful and soft that I just had to buy it. God only knows when I will get around to making something with it.

Oh, and I have been preparing to make a stack of binding for the shop out of these lovelies.

For more creative spaces or to play along, please pop over here to the home of creativeness.

Yours in happy creating.