Sunday, June 14, 2009

My first time blogging

Hi and welcome to the Thomas Family blog. This is our first entry in what I hope to be an interesting blog for our friends and family to see what we are up to. It is difficult at times to be able to chat with everyone so I am hoping that this will be an avenue that will enable us to keep in touch.

Well, to get started, last weekend we travelled to Yamba to visit with my folks and my sister and her boyfriend. After a very interesting (and long) journey we arrived. We learn't a valuable lesson, don't put all of your trust in the GPS. They will really take you on some adventures it you let them. I really wouldn't have minded if it was day time, but driving through a mountain range in the dark and with fog rolling in really wasn't my idea of a great time!

It was lovely to see them as we haven't seen them since March last year. It was really beautiful to see our daughter Ella just take to her Nanna, Pop, Auntie and Uncle.

Also, I have to say a big thanks to my sissy for letting us use the magnificent house her and her boyfriend rented for the weekend. It was amazing and I could really get used to that lifestyle and especially the kitchen. Click here to see the house.

What made the weekend even more special was catching up with my cousin Cindy and her partner Steve and their two beautiful girls, Kelsey and Alina. I loved watching them interact with their little cousin Ella.

We also caught up with Aunty Sue, Uncle Alan, my cousin Alison, my Aunty Doreen and mum and dad's friends, Pingo and Patty.

It all seem to go really quickly and before we knew it we were back home. But, we loved being in Yamba so much that we are going back next weekend. Can't wait. This time there will be only my mum and dad there so it will be very quiet and relaxing.

See you next time.

Lissy Li

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absolutions said...

Hi Lissy, Im just going through your past blogs...this blogging is fun.

I love the Yamba family blog and pics. Lots of fun times.

Thanks for the blog xxxx Kazzy