Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting Organised

I can't believe that Xmas isn't that far away. We I just had to post about my week last week. I can't believe I accomplished this, but I have finished Ella's birthday shopping (she will be 3) and I have mostly finished my Xmas shopping. Just a few bits and pieces to get closer to the day, but they are on my list and I know what I am getting!

I really have to thank Handmade Heaven for enabling me to finish my shopping as I was stumped for what to get for a few people. My father in law is going to love his new heat pad, especially that it is in a masculine grey colour, made by Bubba Chenille. And the ladies are going to love their soaps. I can't remember who made them but they are beautiful and some look like lemon meringue pie! I would post some pics but as I was in a super organised mode, I have already wrapped them!!!

I think I will have to pop back and get some of the play dough with sparkles in it. Ella will love another little pressie for her birthday. :)

Until next time


bubbachenille said...

That was a great "boy" colour wasn't it ?

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Oh, thanks for the post Lisa.
It was lovely to catch up with you and glad that Handmade Heaven could help out.
Have a big stash of playdough...whenever you can make it in