Saturday, January 30, 2010

School Reunion

Hello everyone

Well we were all up at an ungodly hour to drive my husband to the airport. He flew to Newcastle to catch up with school friends from about 25 years ago. I hope he is having a great time, but I do think he will be waking up with a very sore head tomorrow. He had started drinking at 2pm catching up with some mates..............glad it is him and not me.

He is staying with his parents and will be coming home on Monday afternoon. I think he arranged it that way so he didn't have to fly with a hangover. Clever.

Ella and I have had a lovely day. We went to IKEA and spent about 3 hours checking things out and playing. I pick up some fabrics and Ella got a few bits and bobs. We had a lovely day. Tomorrow we are going to hang about at home and spend the day just playing and I am looking forward to it.

I hope my husband has a blast and comes home with heaps of good stories for me.

Does anyone have some school reunion stories? I don't, I chickened out of mine a few years back.


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