Thursday, February 18, 2010

West End - here I come.........

My Boss got the keys to our new office yesterday. My set will be coming next week when we move into the new office. I am so excited about this as it will get all of my work stuff out of my house. I am sure this has been affecting my creative mojo! Also, I just love the West End (Brisbane). There are going to be so many shops and restaurants for me to bad I will have to combine it with work.

I guess on the down side, I am going to have to commute and that will be a pain in the bum some days. I did read an article on commuting the other day. Can you believe one lady in the US commutes 6.5 hours per day....yes, you read correctly......6.5 hour PER DAY. She must really love where she lives cause I think that is just crazy. I just couldn't do it. Think of all that extra crafting you could achieve in 7 hours per day.

I need to visit IKEA to get some bits and bobs. I really like this set up for my new office.......what do you think?

I like this. It looks nice and simple and clean. Hope my boss likes it too cause he is paying...ha ha.



The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Oh Yay...Does this mean I will see less of you? *tears*?

Lisa T said...

Yeah Leisa, no more working from home so that means I will be spending less time in 'The Switch" hoo. See you tomorrow at the Handmade Expo!

Kate said...

there are worse spots to commute to though :) a new office sounds exciting to me, new space, new beginnings and such... have a great weekend!

Lisa T said...

That is true Kate. I guess I am just a bit scared about how busy my life is going to get as I have had it easy working from home for so long. I worry about my daughter being in daycare to long.....blah blah blah. I am sure it will all be fine though.