Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long time, no blog.......

Wow, I can't believe how long it has been since I have written on my blog. Boy have I neglected it :(

I have been meaning to start blogging again, but with all of the flooding and devastation up here, well, I wasn't much in the mood. But, now that I am back at work this week, I thought I really needed to get a wriggle on.

Can you believe that while I am writing this we are being hit by yet another storm. I got caught in a thunder storm on the motorway yesterday and was lucky I could pull over under and overpass. Pretty scary stuff. It really does make you wonder when it will stop. Anyway, I do need to move on to a much lighter note.

Why haven't I been blogging I hear you ask (really I do think that I am kidding myself, I don't actually think that there is anyone there lol)? Anyway, just in case you are still there, I will continue to ramble.

Last year ended up being really busy and exciting. I did a fair bit of moaning on my blog about having a long commute to and from work and not feeling the love anymore. Well, guess what, I got a new job. It is 15 mins from home and involves minimal travel. Not as exciting as being able to craft everyday, but still good. Very happy about that! Next thing (the biggie) is that we bought a house. I am very excited to finally feel nice and settled in one place. My daughter is in a wonderful school so it has all slotted into place.

On the crafting front, with my new job and moving I haven't had time to craft. But, I have managed to ace myself a top sewing area in the new digs and it is awesome. It even has a lounge and Miss Ella does like to plonk herself on that and relax while I am playing around. I do say playing around as I haven't done a huge amount on the creative side but I have been sorting and organising and sorting again until I have it almost, not quite, but nearly perfect. Might I add, I even have a table for cutting out my fabric and even got myself my own laptop for my sewing room.

I can feel it in my bones that this year is going to be a wonderfully creative one!

If you are there, I do promise I will keep on blogging now as I do have heaps of things to tell you and show you.

Hoo roo
Lissy Li


Chasing Purple Dreams said...

Congratulations on the new house! I was just about to get back on the bloggy roll when the floods came our way too. It’s been such a weird start to the year; things are on the verge of “normal” for us now, but not for long! We are about to put this place on the market, exciting times. Hope you are jumping into your creative 2011 with both feet!

MadCraftyMama said...

Sounds like you are all ready to be creative & crafty! Can't wait to see what you make first!