Monday, August 24, 2009

Ella's Sick Day

Yesterday I spent the day snuggled on the lounge with little miss sick Ella. It is a kind of strange thing to say, but we really had a lovely day eve though she wasn't well. There were lots of cuddles and kisses and just lots of love. I just wanted to make her feel better so I couldn't leave her side. Even if I needed to go to the toilet, she had to come with me......very funny, cute and frustrating all at the same time. Ella told me yesterday that mummy and daddy were her best friends. Beautiful!

I am pleased to report that she is all better now, acutally she was better by lunch time yesterday so it is all good in the Thomas house hold.

See you until next time


clare's craftroom said...

Hi Lisa , I'm glad little Ella is feeling so much better , take care .

Lisa T said...

Thanks for your lovely message. Yes, little Ella is all better now and is a bundle of energy again.

PS I love your blog and your shop :)