Sunday, August 23, 2009

I haven't blogged for a while and thought I had better post an update.

Well, we got all of our possessions shipped up from storage in Newcastle. We spent all of last weekend unpacking, repacking, sorting and rearranging. The Salvo's are going to love us. I also have heaps of items to list on ebay, but that is a job for next weekend.

Ella started gymnastics a couple of weeks ago. She is so funny. She gets so excited that she can't focus on the lesson and runs off everywhere jumping on all of the equipment. They are really lovely at the centre and told me to not worry about it and that all of the children are the same when they first start. Anyway, we won't be going in the morning as my little cherub has been vomiting. It really isn't nice to see your little ones sick. You just want to take all of the yuckiness away but you can't.

Anyway, time for this short and sweet blog to end as I am tired and want to check on little Ella.

Hoo roo for now

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