Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh what a day.....

Yesterday was the pits in the Thomas household. Our air-conditioner in our lounge room died last week. No problem I thought, we now have insulation in the roof and it isn't tooooo hot.

Well blow me down, yesterday was a stinker. 37 degrees out here in Ipswich. I reckon it must have been hotter than that in our little hot box. Ella and I ended up hanging out in my bedroom all afternoon with that air con on. Jas set up our portable air con in the lounge room, but it just couldn't/didn't cope with the high temps. I don't know what they put in our ceiling (not our house - rental) as insulation but it didn't seem to do anything at all. Not to mention, there are no tree or shrubs around our house and we face the west. Oh what bliss.

Well, we all were EXTREMELY happy when the storm hit last night, although Ella was a little frightened by the thunder we ended up convincing her that it was a very good noise. (I can't imagine what it will be like when we get a bad storm do I explain that one to her?)

What a relief when the breezes blew in and the rain cooled the air.

This leads me on to renting a property. I know that this isn't a choice for some people and they need to rent. I have to share that I really don't like renting. Hopefully we won't be renting for too much longer. We are waiting for our little house just south of Newcastle to sell and then we are going out to buy a home. YAY. I can't wait. Every time Jas and I talk about it, Ella pipes up with.......'when we get a bigger house, I am getting a doggy'. So, it looks like we will have a puppy then too. I might buy a pretend one and see if that keeps her occupied for a while.

So I am sending out the good vibes to the little house (below) that her new owner is coming along very soon. I really do love my house and that was always going to be home for us, but our circumstances changed and we had to move away for work. Our new home is here in sunny South East Queensland and I am very happy to be here, but sad that we couldn't stay in our home. Anyway, the time is right to move on so please please please our little house, please sell soon :)

Property photo

Oh by the way, I am ramping up the prizes for my comp. There will be extra bits and pieces in each of the prizes including, fabric, magazines (yes...more magazines), and nice creams, scrubs and those kind of potions. So please spread the word about the comp as it is getting bigger and better.  I will take some pics this week of the prizes when I get a chance so you can see what they are.

Until next time.

Photos courtesy of
1. southeast regional climate centre
2. dirty martin at worldpress
3. mine


Mandy said...

It sure was humid here yesterday, wasn't it? Wow, I thought I was going to melt!

GemmaJoy said...

Yesterday was disgusting! Bring on Winter!!

Mariel Torres said...

that first picture is beautiful!

Olivia Taylor said...

I love the picture of the rain on the window! It's so cool!