Saturday, June 22, 2013

A quick little project

I am the kind of person that gets a little bored when I am working on large projects. I need to be able to complete a quick project so I feel like I am achieving something. So in between working on two crochet quilts I took some time out to finish this project with some yarn that I purchased on special at Spotlight. 

It was my first attempt at crocheting a bowl and I think next time I need to use a 'tighter' stitch as the treble makes it a little floppy.

But at least my sewing threads have a nice new home.

Happy crocheting!


Sally said...

Little crochet bowls come in so handy. Yours is super sweet... and super useful too I note.

haber...haber... said...

Me encanto tu blog, la fotografia es muy buena, te deseo muchisima suerte en todo lo que emprendas... me encantaria que me visitaras en mi blog...