Monday, June 10, 2013

My Little Hottie

Well, I have finished my little hottie for the hottie challenge. 

She is a hottie! 

My hottie is so hot, she had to strip down to her bikini. She is HOT HOT HOT! Some may even say HOT STUFF! Ba ha ha ha. She just makes me laugh. She has little boobies and a little bootie. 

Don't look too close because the sewing is really bad and there is no hems.My sewing is rough but I just cut and sewed, fun, fun, fun.

My daughter is well impressed.  I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this challenge and am really happy with the results. She is going in the post next week...yay.

Too look at the most impressive and wonderful creations, check out the hottie challenge flickr group over here.

Hope she makes you smile. :)


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