Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I haven't forgotten......

.......... my competition. To the lovely ladies who won prizes, I am not being one of those not nice people who run competitions and then don't send out prizes. Well in a way I have been but I am going to rectify this.........they will be on their way this week.

I am so sorry lovely ladies, I have had them packaged and ready to go for weeks and weeks but have not managed to send them. I have gone to the post office a couple of times and have left without posting them as the line was out the door and my life has gone crazy busy. I am going on Thursday and standing in line......I AM NOT LEAVING UNTIL THEY ARE POSTED!!.

Hopefully, you will have them next week.

My apologies again.

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Cuggles! Kids said...

Never mind Lisa. I'm sure your luck winners understand. The Post Office can be a real pain when you only have limited days and times you can get there. PS. lovely seeing you Tuesday and Ella is such a beautifully behaved little girl, she is very sweet. My littlie can sometimes show these qualities. When it comes to cupcakes though, its like she is an addict being denied her hit if there is a 2 second delay between cake and mouth!