Wednesday, February 09, 2011

52 Projects

Last year I started a new job. Just after I started my job, we bought a house, then moved into the house. So needless to say, there was not much creativity and crafting happening in my neck of the woods.

Over Christmas when I was on holidays I got to thinking of ways to get back into my creative groove. I came up with the idea of 52 projects. 52 projects in a year. So this means I need to do something that helps me with my creativity each week. Some of my completed projects have not been exciting (business accounting etc) but it needed to be done and aids with my creative pursuits. So this was counted as a project (maybe that is stretching it but it works for me!).

So far this year I have:

  1. Fixed up my business accounts
  2. Organised my sewing room
  3. Create a stack of 4 cushions
  4. Work out my design process
  5. Started organising my garage so I can work on restoring furniture (yes this does count!)
  6. Buttons
  7. Baby strip quilt (almost done!)
I think I am pretty much on track but I don't know if I will be able to achieve this, but it really has got my creative juices flowing!

I know this post seems a little late. I wasn't going to blog about it at all, but then I thought that I should to put my commitment out there.

Looking forward to a happy and creative 2011!


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Shell said...

I like that idea! We have been decluttering and organising around our house for the last month or so and it does make you feel so much better! You will find that you will have a better creative flow too :)