Monday, February 07, 2011

Being Grateful

Lately I have been reading a lot of blog posts about being grateful. I think it is just lovely.

Last week my husband was on his way home from work and was involved in an incident. He is OK, nothing happened to him but the potential was there. He was just plain lucky. When told me what had happened I felt completely sick to the stomach. 

That got me thinking. Thinking of the recent floods, the cyclone, the fires. Thinking how you can be tracking along just nicely in your life, happy with your lot and then BANG, life can change in an instant. 

I am so grateful that I have the love and support of my husband and that we have been blessed with our beautiful daughter.

Here are my 2 loves playing in our old house (my husband can't seem to keep his eyes open for pics!).


Yours in gratefulness and living in the moment.

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